PianoConvert: how does it work?

Find out how the PianoConvert tool works.
Written by Dimitri
Updated 11 months ago

PianoConvert allows you to transcribe any piano-only piece into PDF, MIDI and XML sheet music.

To do this, simply follow these steps:

1) Copy the YouTube link: Copy the URL of the YouTube video or get the audio file (.wav, .mp3, ...) of your favorite piano piece.

2) Paste the YouTube link: Paste the URL of your video or drop your audio file into PianoConvert.

3) Convert to Sheet Music: PianoConvert's artificial intelligence will accurately transcribe your piano song into sheet music in just minutes.

4) Download your score: Download the score of your song in PDF, MIDI and XML formats and play it whenever you want. The score is complete with notes, treble and bass clef, tempo and bars.

In order for the transcription to work properly, make sure you import a piano song only (without vocals) and of good audio quality.

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