How do I import my transcribed songs into La Touche Musicale?

Learn how to play the songs you transcribe on the piano with PianoConvert.
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Updated 11 months ago

When you transcribe songs into sheet music with PianoConvert, you probably want to learn to play some of them on the piano.

La Touche Musicale is just such an app that specializes in piano learning. One of its advantages is that you can import your own MIDI files to learn to play the songs you like. You can import the MIDI files of the songs you have transcribed with PianoConvert.

To do this, watch the tutorial videos below or follow the steps described after the videos:

1. Transcribe a piano piece to a MIDI file in PianoConvert :

2. Import your transcribed MIDI file into your La Touche Musicale account:

Tip: We recommend that you reproduce the following tutorial from a computer in order to simplify the downloading and importing of your MIDI files to the different platforms.

1) Go to PianoConvert

2) Log in to your account (if you haven't already done so) by clicking on the "Log in" button at the top of the page [Note: if you already have a La Touche Musicale account, use the same login details to log in]:

3) Once you have logged in to your account, go to the "My transcriptions" section in the navigation menu at the top of the page:

4) This is where you'll find all the sheet music you've transcribed and the information linked to them (title, composer, status, expiration date, download, etc.). Simply click on the download icon of the song you wish to download and select the MIDI format from the list:

MIDI files are then automatically downloaded to your device.

5) Login to your La Touche Musicale account on the web version: Your PianoConvert and La Touche Musicale accounts are linked. Log in with the same credentials as your PianoConvert account (same email and same password).

Importing MIDI files is a feature exclusive to the web version of La Touche Musicale (for computers), it is not yet available on the mobile app (for smartphones and tablets).

6) Go to the "My Favorites" section: Once logged in and redirected to the home page, click on "My Favorites" at the top of the page.

7) Import your transcribed MIDI file: Click on the "+" icon on the left of the page to open a popup and import your MIDI file. You can also fill in the title of the song, the author and the URL of the image that will be used to illustrate your song once it is imported on your account.

8) Learn how to play your imported songs: Your songs are now imported into your La Touche Musicale account and will remain there until you delete them. You can therefore learn to play them at any time by clicking on the "Learn" button on each song.

Once you have imported your songs from the web version, you can log in to your La Touche Musicale account on the mobile app (available on Google Play and App Store) with the same email to access your imported songs from your phone or tablet and learn to play them at any time.

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