How can I reduce the size of the songs I import?

Can't get your songs into PianoConvert to be transcribed into sheet music because of size limitations? Find out how to reduce the weight of your audio files.
Written by Dimitri
Updated 11 months ago

PianoConvert cannot transcribe songs that are too long or too heavy. To optimize the conversion process and get the best possible transcription, limits have been set on the tool: you should not import songs that are longer than 10 minutes and heavier than 15 MB. 

But how do I transcribe my songs that exceed the limit? To do this, you must first reduce the size of your files. Here are some recommendations to do it quickly and relatively efficiently:

1 - Conversion to MP3 format: if you want to import your own audio file and it is in WAV or FLAC format, you can drastically reduce its weight by converting it to MP3 format. To do this, you can go to the following site, import your audio file and download it in MP3 format after conversion:

2 - Find a shorter version of the song: if you are not particularly attached to the version of the song you are trying to transcribe, you can choose a shorter version of the song, which will most likely have a lower weight than the original version.

Example: you are trying to convert this song:

You realize that it is not accepted by the tool. The best thing to do is to find a shorter version of Frédéric Chopin's Ballade No. 4, like this one:

3 - Shorten the song you want to convert: if you are attached to the specific version of the song, you can use an online audio cutter tool to choose the exact portion of the song you want to transcribe. Here is a tool that will allow you to cut your audio file precisely:

4 - Compress your MP3 file: If you try to import an MP3 file into PianoConvert and it exceeds the allowed limit, you always have the option of using an online MP3 file compressor that will allow you to reduce the weight of your MP3 song. If you decide to use this method, we strongly advise you to choose an intermediate or even low level of compression, so that you get an MP3 file that is still of relatively high quality (no crackling, no background noise, ...). If you choose a high compression level, you increase the risk of altering the quality of PianoConvert transcription. Here is a site that will allow you to compress your MP3 files online:

Tip: we recommend that you always run the 30-second free trial before converting an entire song. This will allow you to see the quality of the transcription on the given song.

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