What types of pianos are compatible with La Touche Musicale? 🎹

Discover the different models of pianos that you can connect to the application.
Written by Dimitri
Updated 4 weeks ago

La Touche Musicale is compatible with almost all types of digital pianos, as long as they are equipped with either a MIDI or USB port.

To make sure your piano is compatible, simply check the connectors that it has, which are often located at the back of the piano:

midi usb connexion piano

If you have one of these two connections (MIDI or USB), all you need is a cable to connect your keyboard to your device (phone, tablet or computer).

Note: the application does not yet support acoustic pianos. Nevertheless, you can still use the various learning features (hand selection, note speed, learning loop, ...) with your acoustic piano to learn at your own pace.

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