What subscription plans are available?

Discover the best plans to subscribe to La Touche Musicale Premium.
Written by Dimitri
Updated 1 month ago

La Touche Musicale offers a completely free version containing more than 250 songs to learn on the piano. You can also import all the music you like for free in MIDI format.

The Premium catalog contains more than 3,000 songs of all genres and difficulties. Most of them are recent and contemporary songs (pop, rock, film music, video games, ...). La Touche Musicale Premium also allows you to unlock new learning features.

To access La Touche Musicale Premium, you can choose between 3 types of subscription:

- 1 month: 14,99€ /month

- 6 months: 10,99€ /month (-26,68%)

- 12 months: 7,49€ /month (-50%).

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