What is the La Touche Musicale affiliate program?

The program offers you significant and recurring commissions for every customer who subscribes to the La Touche Musicale application.
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The Affiliate Program

The La Touche Musicale Affiliate Program allows you to earn a generous commission for La Touche Musicale customers that you generate by using your unique affiliate link in content such as emails, blog posts, banners or social media communications. By joining the program, you and your business have a simple way to add value to your site and your audience while creating new revenue opportunities.

Commission Rates and Revenue

At La Touche Musicale, we offer a high commission rate to reward the efforts of our partners.

For each new subscriber you refer to the La Touche Musicale application, you earn 40% of the value of their subscription, after deduction of the 22.5% license fee (copyright of the music made available on the application) and legal VAT, which corresponds to around 26% of the subscription price (including VAT) chosen by the customer. Note that this commission will be valid on all customer payments (direct debits every month/semester/year, depending on the offer chosen) for as long as the customer remains a La Touche Musicale subscriber.
Here's how much you earn for each subscriber you refer, depending on the offer they choose to subscribe to:
- 1 month (€14.99/month incl. VAT): you earn €3.90 net every month per subscriber for as long as the customer remains a subscriber;
- 6 months (€65.99 incl. VAT/6 months): you earn €17.16 net every 6 months per subscriber for as long as the customer remains a subscriber;
- 12 months (€89.99/12 months): you earn €23.40 net every 12 months per subscriber for as long as the customer remains a subscriber.
Important: Note that your recurring revenue will increase over time.
- Month 1: you generate 32 monthly customers, 9 half-yearly customers and 41 annual customers = ( ( 32 × 3 , 90 € ) + ( 9 × 17 , 16 € ) + ( 41 × 23 , 40 € ) = 1254 , 88 € (32×3.90€)+(9×17.16€)+(41×23.40€)=1254.88€ net of commissions earned.
- Month 2: you generate 37 new monthly customers, 12 new half-yearly customers and 48 new annual customers = ( ( 37 × 3 , 90 € ) + ( 12 × 17 , 16 € ) + ( 48 × 23 , 40 € ) = 1440 , 92 € (37×3,90€)+(12×17,16€)+(48×23,40€)=1440,92€ nets. However, most of the customers generated in month 1 have stayed with the application (on average 93% stay every month). In month 2, therefore, you'll also receive commissions from customers who subscribed to the monthly offer in month 1, as they'll be debited again in month 2. You will therefore earn 1440 , 92 € + 116 , 48 € = 1557 , 40 € 1440,92€+116,48€=1557,40€.
In other words, thanks to this advantageous subscription system, your income will increase substantially as the number of customers you generate increases, even if some of them unsubscribe.
It's not uncommon for affiliates with high visibility in their community to generate several thousand euros a month through the La Touche Musicale affiliate program after just a few months.

Who can join the program?

- Content publishers: Blogs, review sites, promotional code sites

- Youtubers: You own a Youtube channel where you regularly publish piano tutorials? Join the program and earn money.

- Influencers: We are always happy to establish long-term partnerships with influencers who specialize in music and have an active community.

- Music teachers: You are a music teacher known on the internet? Promote La Touche Musicale with your affiliate link and earn money.

How do I sign up?

Go to the La Touche Musicale affiliate program page and follow the procedure indicated (registration takes only 2 minutes): https://latouchemusicale.com/fr/affiliation/

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