Connect your piano via USB to your iOS smartphone

Discover how to connect your piano to your iOS smartphone.
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1 - When you arrive for the first time on the learning interface of La Touche Musicale, you must allow the smartphone to connect your midi devices so that your piano can be recognized by the application.

2 - Make sure that your digital piano is equipped with :

- either a " MIDI " connector (circular)

- or a "USB" connector (square).

Some models may have both connections. These connections are often located at the back of your piano, as in the following example:

3 - Choose your cable according to the connectivity of your piano: "MIDI" or "USB", but also according to the connectivity of your smartphone (lightning). Let's start with those of the piano:

> See the MIDI cable models.

> See the USB cable models (printer type)

Also make sure you have a cable with the right connection for your smartphone (lightning).

You have two choices: 

1) You choose a "classic" MIDI cable with a USB plug (like those mentioned above) + an adapter that will allow you to connect it to your device.

> See the USB - Lightning adapters

2) You choose a MIDI cable that has direct connection to your device.

> See USB to Host - Lightning cable models

5 - Connect the "MIDI" connector of the cable to the "MIDI" socket of your piano (or "USB" depending on your piano model), being careful to connect the "IN" connector of your cable to the "OUT" socket of your piano, or conversely, the "OUT" connector of the cable to the "IN" socket of your piano:

6 - Finally, connect your cable to your smartphone’s socket (via the adapter or the adapted cable).

7 - Go to the learning interface of the application: press a key on your piano, the same key lights up on the virtual piano on the screen, you are connected to the application! You can now use the interactive game modes and learn at your own pace.

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