Improving transcription quality: our recommendations

Discover our recommendations to improve the quality of your sheet music transcription.
Written by Dimitri
Updated 11 months ago

While PianoConvert is one of the most accurate tools in the landscape of automatic transcription of piano pieces into sheet music, it still does not produce perfect results. To increase your chances of getting the most accurate transcription possible, be sure to follow our recommendations below:

1) Transcribe only songs that are composed solely of piano. Do not import songs with other instruments (including voice) into PianoConvert.

Here are some examples of the type of songs we recommend to import into the transcription app:

2) Provide a quality audio file. Indeed, the more your file will contain interfering sounds (crackling, background noise, ...), the more you increase the risk that the transcription of your song will be altered.

3) Avoid importing piano pieces that are too complex. The difficulty of automatic transcription of piano notes lies in the polyphonic sounds and harmonics of the instrument. The more notes are played simultaneously in your song, the more complex the transcription will be. We therefore recommend that you choose the simplest arrangements of your favorite piano pieces.

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